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Limoncello Prosecco With Blueberries and Thyme #healthydrink #easyrecipe #cocktail #smoothie

Limoncello prosecco mixed drink is ideal for any festival. It's simply the perfect measure of shimmering lemony goodness, in addition to blueberries and thyme.

t appears there's parts to commend this week, so I thought a mixed drink formula was pertinent. I just transferred my huge Bali Island Guide which was long past due, yet yippee, it's done and ideally will motivate a couple of tropical undertakings. I simply shot my third YouTube video, which fingers crossed will be transferred tomorrow. It's late spring and the climate's been dazzling (great, in any event in case you're at the shoreline). Gracious, and I turn 40 one week from now (thoroughly sneaking that one in toward the end).

To commend my huge, over-the-slope achievement (do individuals still say that?), I simply reserved an unconstrained trip to New York one week from now. Yahoo! The vast majority of my sweethearts have completed a mass migration of Cali toward the East Coast throughout the most recent few years… so I thought, why not hop on a plane to visit them.

I'll post more on my birthday merriments one week from now (or more probable, on the trip over from New York) so today, how about we praise anything you crave celebrating with this lemony bubbly goodness that is limoncello prosecco with blueberries and thyme.
Limoncello Prosecco With Blueberries and Thyme  #healthydrink #easyrecipe #cocktail #smoothie
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750 ml prosecco

  • 1 cup limoncello, chilled
  • ice
  • Garnish
  • blueberries
  • thyme
  • lemon slices


  1. Add the prosecco and limoncello liquor to a pitcher and stir.
  2. Place a handful of blueberries in a glass, top with ice and fill with the limoncello prosecco. Garnish with thyme and lemon slices.

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