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Cucumber and Rosemary Gin and Tonic #healthydrink #easyrecipe #cocktail #smoothie

CUCUMBER ROSEMARY GIN AND TONIC (otherwise known as "the alcoholic cucumber") is a softly improved gin mixed drink loaded up with new cucumber and traces of rosemary to cause a flavorfully fresh and delightful beverage you'll to taste throughout the entire summer.

All things considered, disregard that last piece. I have no clue if gin and tonics are old manish by any stretch of the imagination. That is to say, they were actually my drink of decision all through school (21+, obviously) and nobody at any point said anything regarding it. Presently that I'm old, nonetheless, at whatever point I request a gin and tonic individuals see me like, we as a whole know you're old currently, yet would you like to appear as though you're old?

You don't add extra sugars to a gin and tonic as tonic water is as of now somewhat improved. Obviously, you could include a sugar like straightforward syrup on the off chance that you needed to, however this beverage is well known because of its gentle sweetness and lower calorie content, not super sugar fruitiness.

This cucumber rosemary gin and tonic, as should be obvious, is very like a great gin and tonic. All things considered, those two straightforward increases the cucumber and the rosemary-are HUGE.
Cucumber and Rosemary Gin and Tonic  #healthydrink #easyrecipe #cocktail #smoothie
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  • 1 small cucumber - sliced into ribbons or "noodles"
  • 1 lime - sliced into 6 wedges
  • 2 sprigs rosemary
  • 2 ounces gin
  • Ice
  • 4 ounces tonic water
  • 1 small watermelon radish - thinly sliced


  1. Add 2 cucumber "noodles", juice from one lime, one rosemary sprig, and 2 ounces gin to a cocktail shaker or highball glass. Muddle with the back of a spoon.
  2. Strain through a fine-mesh strainer into a clean cocktail glass (highball glasses are typically used for gin and tonics). Fill glass with ice and top with tonic. Garnish with additional cucumber ribbons, rosemary sprigs, and 1-2 thinly sliced watermelon radish rounds.

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