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Sensational Chicken Carbonara Recipe #dinnerrecipe #food

Find the Sensational Chicken Carbonara Recipe w/bacon, chicken and mushy pasta flawlessness! The EASY method to make a gourmet chicken supper the whole family will appreciate!

If you somehow managed to experience our kitchen or menu organizers, you would see that chicken is the #1 fixing to the greater part of our suppers. There is simply something so stunning about chicken! It's incredible when you are debilitated. It's incredible when you are attempting to get thinner. It's astounding when you need a quality protein to add to your dinners.

I purchase my meat in mass through a network Co-operation called The Savory Butcher. I'm ready to get predominant quality items at a superior cost than our nearby markets can offer.

They just propelled from beta testing, and are taking a shot at including new states/urban areas to their conveyance courses. On the off chance that you need to help get Savory Butcher to your region rapidly, Join the network chief program in your general vicinity. This will enable them to see where the administration is needed and they can get to you quicker.

I will continue scanning for a decent quality meat administration to replace the old organization that broke our hearts. Meanwhile, you can at present appreciate this thrilling Chicken Carbonara formula with the best chicken you can discover at your neighborhood supermarket.
Sensational Chicken Carbonara Recipe #dinnerrecipe #food
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  • 5 strips bacon cooked and diced.
  • 2 Chicken breasts -Grilled, Chicken striped up
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • 2 T Butter
  • 3 cloves Garlic Fresh minced
  • 3/4 Cup milk
  • 1/4 Cup Heavy cream
  • 1 cup Chicken broth
  • 3 T flour
  • 3/4 c Parmesan Shavings
  • 2 T parsley
  • 1-2 Cups Petite Sweet Peas (optional) 
  • 1 small box bowtie pasta


  1. Cook 5 strips of bacon and set aside
  2. Cook 2 chicken breasts in 2 Tablespoons butter with Salt and Pepper to taste.
  3. Set aside while you work on the sauce.
  4. Cook up your Bowtie noodles so they will be ready when the sauce is ready.
  5. Heat up the petite sweet peas 
  6. SAUCE
  7. Saute 3 cloves Garlic Freshly minced.
  8. Add Milk, heavy cream, chicken broth and Flour to the pan with the garlic and whisk until smooth.
  9. Cook on low heat until it thickens.
  10. Add in Parmesan shavings. If the sauce gets too thick, add a little more chicken broth.
  11. Add the drained bowtie pasta.
  12. Toss to cover the noodles completely.
  13. Dash in the parsley.
  14. Add more salt and pepper to taste preference.
  15. Cut up the chicken breasts and dice up the bacon and mix them together
  16. Add in the chicken, bacon, and warmed petite sweet peas to the sauce.
  17. Toss until all is covered in the sauce.
  18. Serve hot

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