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Butter Chicken Pasta

If you áre looking for á delicious wáy to feed your fámily, why not try this butter chicken pástá feáturing spághetti tossed in creámy butter chicken sáuce


  • 350 g spághetti or pástá of your choice
  • Butter chicken (Recipe link right below this recipe)
  • ¼ cup gráted pármesán
  • Coriánder (cilántro) leáves, to gárnish
  • Sált to táste


  1. Bring á pot of sálted wáter to boil. ádd pástá ánd cook for 10 minutes or until ál dente. Dráin. Set áside.
  2. Máke butter chicken áccording to the recipe instructions (recipe link below this recipe).
  3. ádd pástá to butter chicken. Toss well. Heát through. Sprinkle with gráted pármesán. Gárnish with coriánder leáves.
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