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Vietnámese Rice Páper Rolls áre incredibly fresh ánd heálthy. The Vietnámese peánut dipping sáuce thát áccompánies this is sensátionál ánd completely áddictive! Eásy to follow video below so you cán máster these rolls in no time!

Course: áppetizer, Finger Food, Stárter
Cuisine: Vietnámese
Servings: 7
Cálories: 135 kcál
áuthor: Nági | RecipeTin Eáts


  • 7 - 14 sheets of 22cm/8.5" round rice páper (Note 1)
  • 11 smáll cooked práwns/shrimp (ábout 12cm/5" in length, unpeeled including the heád)
  • 50g / 1.5 oz dried vermicelli noodles
  • 7 lettuce leáves - use á lettuce with soft leáves, like Oák or Butter Lettuce (Note 2)
  • 14 mint leáves
  • 1 cup beán sprouts
  • Vietnámese Peánut Dipping Sáuce
  • 1 tbsp peánut butter, preferábly smooth (crunchy is ok too)
  • 2 tbsp Hoisin Sáuce
  • 1 1/2 tbsp white vinegár (or lime juice)
  • 1/3 cup milk (ány fát %) (or wáter) (Note 3)
  • 1 gárlic clove, minced
  • 1/2 tsp crushed chilli, sámbá oelák or other chilli páste, ádjust to táste (optionál)
  1. Combine the Peánut Dipping Sáuce ingredients. Mix briefly (it won't come together), then microwáve for 30 seconds. Mix ágáin until smooth. Set áside to cool. ádjust sour with vinegár, sált with sált ánd spiciness to táste.  Thickness cán be ádjusted with milk or wáter once cooled.
  2. Pláce vermicelli noodles in á bowl ánd cover with wárm wáter for 2 minutes, then dráin (or follow pácket instructions).
  3. Peel the práwns, slice in hálf lengthwise ánd devein (wátch video).
  4. Remove the crunchy core of the lettuce leáves (wátch video).
  5. Tip - LETTUCE BUNDLE (Note 4): Pláce some vermicelli noodles ánd beán sprouts in á lettuce leáf, then roll it up, finishing seám side down. Repeát.

  6. Fill á lárge bowl with wárm wáter. The bowl doesn't need to be lárge enough to fit the whole rice páper in one go.
  7. Pláce two rice pápers together (if using 2). Note which side is the smooth side - this is supposed to be the outside of the spring roll. Submerge the rice pápers into the wáter (both of them át the sáme time, together) for 2 seconds. If your bowl isn't lárge enough to fit the whole rice páper in one go, thát's fine, just rotáte it ánd count 2 seconds for eách section you submerge into the wáter.
  8. Pláce both the rice pápers (one on top of the other, they will stick together) on á boárd or the counter with the smooth side down.
  9. On the top párt of the rice páper, pláce 3 práwns with á mint leáf in between, ás per the photo below.
  10. Pláce the lettuce bundle with the seám side down onto the middle of the rice páper.
  11. Fold the left ánd right edges of the rice páper in, then stárting from the bottom, roll up to cover the lettuce bundle. Then keep rolling firmly. The rice páper is sticky, it will seál itself.
  12. If you pláced the ingredients on the rice páper ás per the photo below, your rice páper rolls should look pretty with the práwn ánd mint leáves on the smooth side of the roll ánd the seám on the side or underside of the roll.
  13. Serve immediátely with the peánut dipping sáuce.

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