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Okay, so I admit that I originally wanted to make Blackberry Bourbon Smash because of how beautiful it was. While I enjoyed a sip of Bourbon once in a while, I would never call myself a true bourbon lover. But after I destroyed and played the BBS or Bourbon Smash Blackberry, I was surprised how much I liked it, and it also didn't hurt that it was really fun. And the bonus of the Bourbon Smash Blackberry is one of a cocktail that looks more impressive and difficult to make than it really is, which makes it perfect when entertaining guests.

While the recipe itself is on the simpler side, there are a number of things that need attention. First, the key to the Bourbon Smash Blackberry is ice. You want perfect shaved ice that makes you almost feel like you are eating a snow cone. So where do you find this ice, you ask? I will tell you a secret: if you have local Whole Foods, the seafood department will give it to you free of charge. Just make sure to ask for ice that DOES NOT touch the fish!

Another important part of this smash is fresh, high-quality blackberries. They are truly heroes in this cocktail story, so it's worth using high-quality organic blackberries at the height of the season. After you tear your black fruit, the rest is quite simple: intervene with the blackberry with fresh mint, pour the mixture into your glass, cover with shaved ice, add bourbon, stir, garnish, and enjoy. One quick note; if you are a regular bourbon drinker, you might choose no simple syrup, but if you need a little something sweet to fight bourbon, just a simple syrup is enough. Although I recommend waiting until after you stir the mixture of blackberry, bourbon and ice to see if you need a simple syrup.

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