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When I started making Gyoza Pork, I realized that it was just the latest version of the recipe that I made almost six years ago (woah!), Pig & Ginger Pot Stickers. I changed the filling a little and decided to try a more traditional (and harder) folding style. In the future I might use an easy folding method, but I will definitely use this very fast super fast cooking skillet method.

Apart from boring folding, which you can skip, this gyoza is very simple. Plus, you can freeze it, which means you can keep it in your hand and put a handful in the pan every time you get the desire.
 And don't forget the cost ... Even though I use expensive pork, these little people turn out to be only around $ 0.18 each. Orders for a Gyoza Pork appetizer in a restaurant will easily run you $ 6- $ 8, and how much do you get? Maybe six? So yes, around $ 1 each in the restaurant.

for more detail visit : budgetbytes.com

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