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Chicken Wontons

Chicken Wontons - the easiest and best fried chicken wontons ever! It took 20 minutes to make including packaging. Super crispy and tasty, get easy recipes.

Wontons are small pieces of ground meat wrapped in wheat-based wrappers. They are always the most beautiful, tasteful, and the most amazing food ever! Wontons can be made into dumpling soup, steamed dumpling shrimp, Sichuan oil spicy red dumplings, or fried dumplings. There are also unlimited possibilities with content - ground pork (most common), chicken, turkey, vegetables, shrimp, seafood, or a combination.

These chicken wontons are filled with ground chicken, shrimp, and then fried to golden perfection. Every bite is full of flavor. They can be eaten alone or with sauce. For this recipe, I serve it with Thai sweet chili sauce, which is perfect for chicken wontons. After you eat it, you can't stop until you finish everything so that it multiplies your portion and makes a lot because they will disappear in no time!

This chicken wontons recipe is very good and very easy and quickly made, a total of 20 minutes including wrapping wontons. So, run your pan, pan, or frying pan because everyone will really like this chicken wontons.

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